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The only online microblading program that takes you through everything you need to know about microblading so you can get certified and confidently launch your own beauty business in just 12 weeks.

Imagine Making 6 Figures a Year by Working Only 2 Days a Week!

And not just “working” but doing something you LOVE!

Something that lights you up, fulfills your creativity and makes an impact on other peoples’ lives. Something that gives you time freedom, letting you be your own boss, set your own hours and work only when you want to. Something that allows you to be financially free and gives you more time to spend with your friends and family.

that something is microblading!

You know that microblading is big business - but how you make it your big business is where you’re stuck.

Maybe your only knowledge of microblading comes from scrolling your Instagram feed, seeing that brow artist you follow posting countless AMAZING before and after pictures of her clients and showcasing her completely Insta-worthy studio and her pretty-darn-cool daily reality of being her own boss.

You know you shouldn’t feed the ‘gram comparisonitis monster but you can’t help wish that your daily reality could be more like hers.

Or maybe you fell head over heels for microblading back when it was you sitting in the chair waiting to see your brow glow up come to life, feeling at ease thanks to the amazing professional brow artist taking care of you and making you feel pampered. And when you finally looked in the mirror? You felt great, like a whole new person.

But if You're Being Honest, You Also Felt a Little Envious.

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Seeing the beautiful, bright salon teeming with clients waiting their turn for their brow glow up, noticing how content your microblade artist is as she settles up your bill and happily tells you about her plans to take a long weekend so she can spend it at the beach with her family “just because”, mentally calculating how much revenue the clients in the salon (you included) must represent for her business….and then you leave, getting back into your car and feeling deflated as you think about your job.

But you want more for your life than to stay stuck in your unfulfilling 9-5!

Brows & Co.

Depending on the Day You’re Asked,

you’d either describe your 9-5 as being “fine”, “ok, I guess” or “completely unfulfilling”.

It’s not that you hate everything about it. You love your work fam and the camaraderie you all have – but the work itself, the short lunch breaks and having to always ask permission for taking a vacation is what makes you think there’s gotta be more:

  • More time freedom
  • More flexibility
  • More creativity
  • More joy
  • More money
  • More financial

And You Want:

To be the kind of person who can decide to take a long weekend beach vacation with her family “just because”.

To get to feel satisfied in your work by helping people feel good about themselves.

To get to set your own hours, be your own boss and have no limit to the amount of income you can make.

You want to be like your microblade artist.

Guess what? You Can!

Microblading will change your life.

I’m Kechia Taylor – Master Permanent Make-Up Artist and CEO of Brows & Co.

When I first started my microblading business I was a one woman forward 4 years, and I now hold over 15 certifications in Permanent Makeup from a whole host of training institutions around the world. I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business, a team of fabulous artists, 2 beautiful studios, a training academy, and a loyal client base.

I’m living my ultimate dream, but I’ll be honest with you – microblading sort of fell into my lap.

Although my “regular” 9-5 job was in the healthcare industry, I always liked to cater to my inner creative by dabbling in the beauty industry on the side. I did this for years – juggling 2 jobs, launching a product line, opening up a brow studio...and then someone told me about microblading. I was intrigued so I introduced it into my brow studio and the results shocked me.

in just one month

I Became Booked SOLID!

I knew then that microblading was big business and it was the thing that could get me away from being stuck working on someone else’s schedule, allow me to pursue my passion for combining my inner creativity and natural talent for brow artistry with being my own boss, and give me the financial freedom I wanted.

And then Just One Year Later...

...of spending my evenings and weekends microblading, I had 5x’d my 9-5 salary. So, I finally quit my 9-5 and went all in on building my microblading business and scaling it to what you see today.

And now? I’m teaching you how to do the same.
Brows & Co.

The Microblading Academy is an online program designed to take you from ‘Zero to a Fully Fledged Microblading Artist’ in just 12 weeks.

  • 12 modules and weekly live sessions teaching you everything you need to know about microblading and launching your own business

  • A private Facebook group so you can get support, encouragement and help from Kechia, her team and your fellow students

  • Video demonstrations showing you each technique and process just as clearly as if in person

  • A 1:1 coaching call with Kechia so you can get personalized advice and mentoring

  • All your resources: microblading kit, workbook and manual

  • Microblading certification upon successful completion (hello, future brow studio owner!)

  • 6 months’ access to the online material and email support so you can feel entirely confident in taking your new skills and knowledge to your soon-to-be clients


“Now I can work fewer days but still hit my income goals”

“I wanted to pursue microblading because I am a person that absolutely will not leave my house without doing my brows. I felt like there are so many other individuals that could benefit from saving time in the morning by cutting down their beauty routine time.

One of my biggest take-aways from the course was her business model that would allow me to work fewer days, but still hit my income goals. I also liked the hands on training and the attention that Kechia and her team provided.

After successfully completing the course, I was so inspired by Kechia and her team that I had the confidence to pack up my home beauty spa and get a private salon suite and grow my business.

Now I'm a happy spa business owner in my very own private studio suite! I feel that my future is definitely brighter in the microblading industry because of the price point that I can set for my new skill which will give me the financial freedom I desire. Kechia and her team teach you and make you feel comfortable all while learning microblading. They are very friendly and personable ladies who are very good at what they do!”

– Sharee Covington, Me Time Beauty


“I am making more money now than I did at my 9-5!”

“Before Microblading I wanted to be an event planner but then I found out about Microblading through my old lash tech and I saw how she had her own business and I knew I could do the same thing. My biggest takeaway from this course was that you can be your own boss!

There’s a lot of practice, a lot of trial and error, but as long as you keep pushing you will see results! The biggest benefits of learning from Kechia and her team is how much they want everyone to be successful in this business.

You can go back, ask questions whenever you need to, get insight from them, they are literally the best! Right now I feel as if I made one of the best decisions for myself. I was able to quit my 9-5 and do microblading full time. It was not easy in the beginning but now I am making more money than I did at my 9-5.

On top of that, I literally never feel like I’m working. I definitely feel like this was something I was called to do. Kechia and her team are nothing short of amazing – extremely talented, patient, and want to help you succeed. You can reach out to them about anything and they always welcome you with open arms.”

– Taylor Simons, Allure Browz

In The Microblading Academy,
We Don’t Just Teach You The Microblading Skills You Need To Get Your Certification.

We cover all the basics of setting up your business, from getting visible online to getting your first set of clients (and the next one, and the next one…)

week 01

Microblading Fundamentals

In week 1, we dive into all the basics of microblading so that you can learn and understand the fundamentals needed to get the best healed results for your clients.
What We’ll cover
  • - Introduction to Microblading
  • - Color Theory
  • - Skin Anatomy
  • - Fitzpatrick Scale
  • - Client Consultation
  • - Consent Forms
  • - Biohazard Safety/Blood Borne Pathogens
week 02

Brow Design & Mapping

In week 2, we focus on brow design and mapping so that you can feel confident creating a symmetrical brow design for your client’s facial structure.
What We’ll cover
  • - Brow Anatomy
  • - Workbook Practice
  • - Brows Measurement & Symmetry
  • - Mannequin Practice
  • - Brow Shapes
weeks 03 -07

Universal Hair Stroke Pattern

In weeks 3–7, we get started on hair stroke patterns, breaking it down by level, so that you can master the universal brow pattern on any brow. No eyebrow is the same – which is why you’ll learn all about stroke customization.
What We’ll cover


  • - Drawing the Hair Strokes on Paper
  • - Step-by-Step Workbook Practice


  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 1 Head Strokes
  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 2 Head Strokes + Transition Strokes


  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 3 Lower Hair Strokes
  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 4 Upper Hair Strokes


  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 5 Spine Strokes
  • - Latex Skin Practice - Level 6 Tail Strokes


  • - Latex - Full Brow Design - All 6 Levels Combined
Week 08

Procedure Set Up

In week 8, we focus on how you should go about setting up each client procedure so that you can provide your clients with the highest sanitation standards recommended by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).
What We’ll cover
  • - Microblading Tools
  • - Microblading Supplies
  • - Microblading Tray Set Up
  • - Required PPE
week 09

Live Model Procedure

In week 9, it’s time for your final exam! This is the last step in you gaining your microblading certification.
What We’ll cover
  • - Eyebrow Mapping & Design (Video Training)
  • - Microblading Procedure (Video Training)
  • - Live Microblading Procedure (Student Practical)
week 10

Online Visibility

In week 10, we turn our attention to setting up and running your microblading business. We focus on getting visible online because it's the best way to market yourself to clients who are looking for your services. Plus, we dive deep into pricing so you can feel confident about charging your worth.
What We’ll cover
  • - Pricing
  • - Website
  • - Marketing
week 11 -12

Business Launch Strategy

In weeks 11 and 12, we dive deeper into your business strategy so that by the end of the program, you know everything you need to know about establishing yourself as a professional microblader and launching your own business!
What We’ll cover
  • - Finding a Location (Tips & Strategies)
  • - Setting a Launch Date


  • - 1:1 Personalized Coaching Call with Kechia
  • - Microblading Certification


“Kechia and her team are the best in the business”

“Before I started the course, I was not fulfilled in my job at all. I thought microblading was something I should pursue because of the amazing, transformative feeling I had when I went to Brows & Co. and had my eyebrows microbladed by Christian. I thought to myself, I'd like to learn how to do this! Kechia and her team were AHHHHH-mazing!

They are supportive, very reassuring and were my biggest cheerleaders! Based on the course, I have just opened my very own studio and have clients on the schedule! Really excited and would not have been able to do it if I had not taken that first step with the Brows & Co. microblading class!

I'm really excited for the future, I feel like my only limit is myself and I'm not stopping for anything!! Kechia and her team are the best in the business and when comparing the certification to others I've seen, their methods are the BEST! I am so glad I learned through the curriculum with Brows & Co.!”

– Felicia Verrett, Brow-Ish Art Clinic


“Now I’m in a place where I’m becoming my own boss!”

“I’ve worked in the accounting field for 14 years. Before taking the course, I began to realize there are other things I wanted to pursue. I have a passion for makeup and the beauty industry. Between feeling like there was more for me out there and wanting more for myself, I signed up for the course.

The knowledge and gems Kechia and her team provided me will take me a long way. Not only did I get to learn from them, but I also gained a lifetime of support and encouragement throughout my journey. Now I’m in a place where I’m becoming my own boss, the feeling is indescribable . This program allowed me to create and form my business.

I now spend my time planning for the future of my own business. Kechia and her team are real people who will be there with you the entire time. They are responsive & reliable. Kechia was my instructor and she genuinely cares and wants you to win.”

– Tiffany Tucker, Adorable Brows Studio

The Microblading Academy is a high-level, supportive program and there are only 10 spots available in this round

Entry to the program is by application only. Simply follow the steps to apply. We will review your application in 24-48 hours to see if The Microblading Academy is a good fit for you.

Pay in Full

  • 12 modules
  • 12 weekly live sessions in our private Facebook group
  • Video demonstrations
  • 1:1 coaching call
  • Microblading kit, workbook, manual, and website template
  • Microblading certification
  • 6 months’ access to the online course and 6 months of email support

3 Payments

  • 12 modules
  • 12 weekly live sessions in our private Facebook group
  • Video demonstrations
  • 1:1 coaching call
  • Microblading kit, workbook and manual
  • Microblading certification
  • 6 months’ access to the online course and 6 months of email support
special offer available now

Pay in Full Bonus

If you pay in full you’ll get an exclusive starter website template so that you can have a professional online presence for your business and collect leads and book clients without having to worry about design or stock photos.

Brows & Co.
Brows & Co.

We’ve helped over 800 women and counting...

...fulfill their dream of owning their own microblading business – and now it’s your turn.
Through our in-person workshops and online bootcamp, I’m proud to say that Brows & Co. has played a part in transforming so many amazing, ambitious womens’ lives through helping them open their own microblading businesses.

I truly believe that microblading can take you places you’ve never even imagined – and whether your biggest motivation is having the flexibility to set your own schedule, making enough money to support the lifestyle of your dreams, or simply following your passion for being creative and making people feel good about themselves, microblading can give you it all..

Trust me, friend. If I did it? You can too.


“I feel great about my work now”

“Before starting the Microblading course, I was already doing makeup for some years which I enjoyed. My friend actually talked me into taking a Microblading course – she said since there’s no African-American women doing microblading in our city, that I should look into the course and to add it to my services.

My biggest takeaway from the course was learning how to do microblading the right way and knowing how much I could be making. Kechia and her team were very professional.

They took their time to teach us and to make sure we understood how to do the brows properly which I'm thankful for. I feel great about my work now. My clients always love their brows and they refer me to people. It’s a blessing. I’m glad I took the course. I’m always booked out!”

– Lola Kayode, Flawless by Lola


“I wanted to invest in something where I could make money and feel good doing it”

“Before I started the microblading course I felt like I had to do something other than my 9to5. My 9to5 is something to keep a roof over my head, but I wanted something that I would enjoy. I love beauty, and I love making people feel good about themselves so I did microblading.

I wanted to invest in something where I could make money and feel good doing it. I was so happy I took the microblading course.

Since I've gotten certified, I gained clients and took the next step to do the ombre brow certification which I love as well. I've been able to advertise and get leads and I have great reviews building on Google.

I'm constantly learning and practicing, because that is the key, and I can definitely see my business growing and thriving and being able to replace my primary income”

– Jasmynn Thorne, Browtintsity

Still Unsure If
The Microblading Academy is Perfect For You?

  • are ready to dive into the world of microblading so you can leave your 9-5, open up your own beauty studio and finally feel what it’s like to be your own boss
  • want to explore microblading, add it to your existing skill set and earn extra money on the side of your regular 9-5
  • are looking for a complete change of career or are already in the beauty industry

...The Microblading Academy will help you meet your goals (and feel completely supported along the way).

Wondering Exactly How Much You Could Make From Microblading?

As a brand new microblade artist, you can expect to charge between $500 and $1000 per client meaning that your average annual income could range from...

With 4 appointments a week

$104,000 – $208,000

With 6 appointments a week

$156,000 – $312,000

With 8 appointments a week

$208,000 – $416,000


So, How Does Making Your Monthly Mortgage Payment In 1 Day Sound?

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers:
“This program sounds great but I’m worried about the expense…”

And I get that, trust me. The thing you have to remember is that microblading is the most lucrative niche in the beauty industry – and by the end of this program you will be a fully certified microblade artist meaning that you will soon be earning back the cost of the program and then some. Think about it: you could make back your investment with just 10 clients. And don’t even worry about how you’ll get those first clients because we cover that in the program too!

“I’m so busy with my 9-5, family responsibilities and just life. Will I have the time to do the work?”

You are preaching to the choir! I remember having to juggle all the things when I was getting started out in microblading so I understand the worry that you don’t have the time – and I’m not going to lie: you need to dedicate a good amount of time to the work in the program. But listen, friend: you do have the time. By doing this program you aren’t just logging in the hours. You’re investing in yourself. You’re investing in your family’s future and legacy. It’s worth a few late nights, trust me.

“Can I really learn microblading online? I feel like this needs to be done in person”

The short answer is yes! The longer answer is: learning microblading CAN be done online from the comfort of your own home. We’ve included step-by-step videos, lectures and live weekly training and support from your instructor. Learning microblading live and in person is great...but you only get 3 days to learn the skill. With the online academy, you get access to the training beyond 3 days so you can take the time you need to learn your skills, build your confidence and get ready to launch your business.

“I have zero experience in the beauty industry...can I really learn this all from scratch?”

YES. In both our in-person classes and in previous rounds of The Microblading Academy online, we’ve helped people from all walks of life gain their certification in microblading. From realtors, to event planners, to accountants – the one thing all these women had in common was their desire to have more time and financial freedom from their careers while also pursuing their passion for helping people feel good about themselves. Students have gone on to successfully open their own salons and build thriving businesses – so, no matter your background, a career and business in microblading is very much an option for you.

The Freedom, Creativity and Profitability You Crave Are Just a Few Brow Strokes Away!

Here’s the truth: You can and should get to run your own microblading business, write your own paychecks and make your own schedule. You deserve to prosper and thrive in a business that lights you up, fuels your creativity and lets you play a part in making others feel great. You deserve to have it all – and in The Microblading Academy, that’s exactly what we’ll help you get.

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