Looking for a way to jump-start your career in microblading? The Microblading Academy at Brows & Co.  has got you covered! Our master trainer - Kechia Taylor - will guide you through the ever-complicated world of microblading, and share her insights with you. 

Brows & Co. microblading course will consist of not only theory and raw facts, but also exciting practice and real-life experiences. Starting from booking a microblading appointment, and ending with performing a real procedure on a live model, we will show you all the ropes of microblading. 

We at Brows & Co. are dedicated to giving personalized attention to each and every student. When studying at our Microblading Academy, you can be sure that you will graduate as a highly qualified microblading specialist. 

Our classes are kept small with 5-8 students only, which enables the trainer to adjust lessons to every student’s needs.

We want to ensure the safety of our students and instructors. Please don’t forget to provide your Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate before the first day of training. 

Students will receive a Microblading certificate upon completion. It will prove that you are a true professional capable of doing amazing work. 

Start your dream career now, and let Brows & Co. Microblading Academy take your skills to a brand new level!


Our 4 day beginners course will give you a solid foundation so that you can start working as a certified Microblading artist immediately upon completion! You will learn such essentials as:

  • Pre-care/After-care 
  • Skin Anatomy 
  • Allergies & Diseases 
  • Color Theory 
  • Proper Tray Set Up 
  • Client Consultation/Consent Forms 
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Customer Service 
  • Brow Mapping/Brow Design 
  • Blade Handling 
  • Proper Skin Depth 
  • Hair Growth Patterns 
  • Stretching of Skin 
  • Brow Photography 
  • Live Model Practical

At Brows & Co., we are all about supporting our students. Therefore, apart from unique knowledge and skills, you will get: 

  • Microblading Manual 
  • Microblading Workbook 
  • Live Model Practice (we are sure one of your friends would crave becoming your model) 
  • Access to Student Facebook Group 
  • Ring Light 
  • Massage Bed 
  • Microblading Kit with Pigments 
  • 6 hours of free room rental 
  • Supply List • Certificate 
  • (1) Free Refresher Course
  • Lifetime Support

Excited? Us too! Let’s see what you will go through on our course.

Day 1 
  • Pre-Care/ After-Care 
  • Contraindications 
  • Consent Forms
  • Safety & Sanitation 
  • Brow Anatomy 
  • Brow Mapping & Design (workbook & student demo) 
  • Stroke Workbook Practice 
  • Pattern Process Workbook Practice: head, front transition, bottom, top, spine, tail (yes, there will be homework). 
Day 2 & 3 
  • Importance of skin depth 
  • Healed strokes and retention 
  • Skin Stretching & Penetration 
  • Blade composition 
  • Color Theory 
  • Fitzpatrick Chart 
  • Universal Hair Stroke Pattern (practice skin w/video demo) 
  • Pattern Process - head, front transition, bottom, top, spine, tail (practice skin w/video demo)
  • Pattern design practice skin homework assignment 
  • Business practices, insurance, photography, website & social media
Day 4
  • Station Preparation 
  • Sanitation 
  • Aseptic Technique/ PPE 
  • Practicing on a live model 
  • After Care 
  • Model Feedback
Course Requirements
  • Complete all required homework assignments
  • Must bring in your own model for practical

Course Prerequisites

  • Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Certificate
  • Signed Contract
  • Copy of Driver’s License/State Issued ID

For Advanced Classes and Apprenticeships:

  • Previous Microblading Certification
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